Stanley Kubrick’s “Napoleon”. The Greatest Movie Never Made

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Ten books in one tell the fascinating tale of Kubrick’s unfilmed masterpiece.

“While the film never made it to the silver screen, the book gives a unique insight into Kubrick’s vision. This is a place for future directors to begin.”

— Atlas, Copenhagen

For many years, it was rumored that Kubrick had planned to follow up 2001: A Space Odyssey with a film about Napoleon. In 2009, TASCHEN put the rumors to rest with an exhaustive examination of Kubrick’s Napoleon archives in the form of a limited edition featuring ten books—Script, Reference, Notes, Correspondence, Chronology, Production, Text, Costumes, Location Scouting, and Picture File—hidden inside of a carved-out reproduction of a Napoleon history book. This new publication brings all the original elements together in one compact volume, including a facsimile of Kubrick’s complete screenplay. In over 800 profusely illustrated pages, this collection of goodies contains all the clues to Kubrick’s methods, ideas, motivations, questions, intentions, and obsessions—everything you could ever want to know about the project and more