Lingering Silence Scented Candle 250g

Concealing Silence

A microcosm of resonance, depicted by the silence of deep tea and fresh leaves. The quiet bitterness of green tea helps draw out the true fragrance and individuality of flowers, leading to a minimal fragrance like a vase for a single flower.


  • Top: Baie Rose, Clove, Saffron
  • Middle: Oud/Jinko, Incense, Petit Grain, Matcha
  • Last: Cedar Wood, Vetiver, White Sandalwood
  • Base: Hidden Japonism 834

Inspiration: Taian Tea House, Kyoto, Japan

Myokian; the oldest tearoom in Japan, created by the progenitor of Wabi-cha tea, Sen no Rikyu. An extremely refined construction with all waste completely discarded, it features an extremely small space with 2 tatami mats as seats for the tea drinkers, a total area of just 4 and a half tatami mats, and a ceiling of 157cm. This minimalistic space is the epitome of the beauty of Wabi-cha, representing the microcosm created by the ultimate minimalism.

Japanese Candles Manufactured by Kodaikokuya since 1865

A long-established store from Fukui Prefecture, responsible for making the Japanese candles that have formed part of Japanese lighting culture for 150 years. Characterised by plant-derived wax and a core of Japanese paper, these traditional Japanese candles are made individually by hand, Even today, they still provide illumination in sacred places such as temples and shrines, and have been featured in the media as Japanese traditional technology that deserves protection. TOBALI scented candles are created using traditional Japanese candle manufacturing methods.