Blackwing 16.2 Limited Edition Pencils | Ada Lovelace

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The Ada Lovelace pencil.

Inspired by the Prophet of the Computer Age.

  • Semi-hexagonal shape
  • Iconic ferrule design
  • Matte white finish with white binary pattern stamp of Ada Lovelace’s initials
  • Cedar casing that sharpens evenly and easily
  • Specially formulated firm graphite that writes smoothly 

From an early age, Ada Lovelace showed an adeptness for mathematics and an uncanny ability to make creative connections between seemingly disparate things and ideas. She described this ability as “the Discovering Faculty,” and it was a gift she put to use in astounding ways.

In 1843, while translating an article on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine computer, Ada wrote her own thoughts and notes on the machine. These notes contained what many consider to be the first complete computer program, earning her the posthumous title “The Prophet of the Computer Age.”

The Blackwing 16.2 is a tribute to mathematician, writer and visionary Ada Lovelace. The pencil features a matte white finish and matte black ferrule inspired by the simple styling of early personal computers. It features our firm graphite formulation ideal for both writing and mathematics. The number 16.2 is a nod to the Analytical Engine’s storage capacity of 16.2 kB (0.00005% the storage of the average smartphone) and the backside of each pencil bears a binary pattern stamp of the initials she used to sign her work, AAL.