Better Nail Serum

  • The uka Better Nail Serum contains ingredients to make the nails and the nail matrix* healthy.

    It is important to maintain the moisture and lipids in nails which have been damaged by continuous use of gel etc. without sufficient care.

    It also maintains a good balance between moisture and lipids through the supply of keratin (amino acid) which makes up the nails.

    *Nail matrix: The place where nails are made. Located at the base of the nail.

Recommended for people who:

  • are prone to nail separation
  • have nails too weak to grow
  • want to take a break from using gel nails
  • want to enjoy nails in their natural state
  • want to grow healthy nails
  • have dry nails
  • have an outbreak of vertical ridges (They will soon break)!
  • have developed white, cloudy nails
  • are worried about the dryness and weakness of their currently growing nails

What is the best nail condition?

We tend to think that hard nails are strong; however, if they are too hard, they can break easily. Nails which have moderate resilience and are supple can be said to be healthy.